Frequently Asked Questions

The Aquaflosser is a high tech personal hygiene appliance that sprays a pulsating jet of water, which can be used for a regular daily flossing session as well as for more complicated cleaning of implants braces and crowns.

Pack includes: Aquaflosser unit with rechargeable battery, mains adapter charger, 1 high pressure tip, 1 low pressure tip, 1 orthodontic tip and user manual. And is backed by Homebrands guarantee.

How often should I replace my brush heads?

It is recommended that you replace your brush heads every three months.
By comparing a 3 month old brush head to a new one it is easy to see the wear and tear that your brush head has been through. You will feel an immediate difference on your teeth when replacing an old brush head.
It is also recommended that you replace your brush head after any illness.

I have braces (orthodontics). Is it safe to use with braces?

Yes. It is not necessary to use force to get the most out of the Aquasonic so it is suitable for people with braces.

If I use the Aquasonic is it still necessary to floss?

It is still necessary to floss as there are places in between your teeth that food can lodge that brushing alone cannot reach. If flossing is not your thing then you will find the use of the Aquaflosser dental jet a great relief.
It takes the work out of flossing and the results are great. (see